The Untamable Tongue

Gossip—this is one habit that seems to be deeply ingrained in our culture and daily life. In our community, I often see my neighbors huddling among themselves and buzzing even as their day is only starting. This often results to conflicts and strained relationships.


How I Became Happy and Positive Despite the Problems I Went Through

I used to think that I will only have true happiness once all my dreams come true, but that would be impossible because of the seemingly endless problems I was experiencing before. It’s hard to be happy and stay positive when life doesn't seem to give you any reason to.


Breaking Free: Ways to Let Go of Someone Who Keeps on Cheating and Hurting You


A lot of us have gone through a relationship with someone who betrayed, hurt, or fooled us, not just once but a lot of times. Though the obvious solution would be to end such a vicious cycle, some still choose to stay.

There are a number of reasons why they end up sacrificing their own self-worth and remain in a relationship that should've ended. Typically, they stay because they are scared to lose their love life and don’t want the time and emotions they invested to just go to waste. Meanwhile, some are still hoping that their partners will change someday.