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Life Moves On - Pick an Inspiration

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Life Moves On - Pick an Inspiration

Here I am trying to write a blog, supposing to inspire people—which is the prime purpose of this site, of course. I tried writing and this is actually my sixth try! My friend, Aris is constantly reminding me of my blog so I could be one of his contributors.

But what to write? I’m not as optimistic as he is. Plus, my life is too big and complicated for words! I want to fill all learning in one page but that would be impossible. Then I came across Aris’ blog about his father’s death. It brought tears to my eyes’ it simply moved me. So I decided to start writing about how my own life turned 180 degrees when my own dad passed away about a year ago.

He died of a heart attack. He collapsed on a floor that is not even ours. We are renting an apartment, away from friends and relatives. We had just moved 4 months prior when it happened. It never occurred to us that such tragedy would happen. We transferred into a new city for his job, hoping to adjust to a new culture, new dialect and new tastes of food.

Unexpectedly, he left us, though he didn’t want to. He even said minutes before his death, “Lord, I’m sorry for all of my sins. I promise I’ll change, just don’t take me just yet.” However, who are we to demand and control such things but God? It hurt us deeply. Though it was not a long torture, a 24-hour stay in the emergency room, seeing him “brain dead”, already broke our hearts into tiny pieces.

We didn't know anyone here expect a distant relative in Bulacan. My father’s wake was only attended by me, mom, brother, our dog Chichan, my aunt in Bulacan and two of my father’s sisters and brothers, who flew in just to catch a last glimpse of my dad. Was it sad?

It is. It even happened between the merry-making week of Christmas and New Year. Anyways, I long to write this story not to ask pity but to show how I managed to be alive and still thankful for this life that has come before me.

So I have to work. Just as the New Year came, I also started with my first job. It was hard but I have to pay rent and bring food to the table. I’m the only one who was working and I struggle to adjust and mingle with people, some of which contradicts my values in life.

Yes, I was sad, lonely and kept wishing to go back to the past where I was the spoiled one and didn't have to work to buy the things that I want. Yes, there were times. But I always bring myself back to the reality; that I can’t bring back the past. I’m already here, might as well face my responsibilities. It doesn't always have to be a negative thing. Earning your own money has perks as well. Though on a tight budget, you still can make other people happy. Like my mom. She’s my inspiration why I’m still here, writing this blog, breathing, and praising God.

I still got her. That’s enough reason to continue living, work harder and be happy about life.


Dodilee is a nursing graduate from Cebu and now currently working on a web marketing industry.She works as an article writer and though not practicing her profession, she still tries to pursue her dream in helping people by means of oral and written communication.

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