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I Quit Smoking Blog Series

Quit Smoking Blog Series

I smoked cigarettes for 12 years and attempted to quit not just once but several times, and this current attempt is by far the most successful. At last, I stopped this bad habit by just going "cold turkey" and without resorting to any nicotine replacement therapies.

This section of my blog is a compilation of my blog posts about my journey from quitting smoking to embracing a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Will I Ever Stop Smoking? My Failed Attempts at Quitting
  2. The Planning Stage
  3. The First Day I Quit Smoking
  4. The First Week of Quitting Smoking
  5. One Month Smoke-Free, I No Longer Hate Myself
  6. One Year After I Quit Smoking: Benefits and Lessons from Being Nicotine-Free
  7. How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up: 5 Tips that Work

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