For so many years, I let the hatred I have for people who wronged me get the best of me. I wanted them to feel my pain. But what I could only do was to curse them over and over again. However, the time came when I realized that what I was doing only made things worse. My hatred was burning me inside and my burden was more difficult to bear. 

losing myself, over giving

I seem to always attract spongers into my life. It came to a point that I believed that this was one of my missions in this world— to keep on sharing my blessings with everyone even if it drains the life out of me. But I have to put an end to this because I realize that I am just fooling myself, trying to escape from the truth that I am being abused by others because I am such an over-giver. I was compromising my well-being for the sake of being too nice and too kind.


Depression is common and unavoidable. Often when people are in this situation, they are not themselves and could not think right. They lose their appetite for life, their “joie de vivre”. With depression it seems that everything has no meaning.

Are you a Chronic Complainer? Effective Ways to Stop Complaining and Start Acting

Every day, we hear what seems to be an endless stream of complaints. Complaints about the ever increasing prices of goods, worsening traffic, low income, government anomalies, and even about the issues and things that we shouldn’t worry about in the first place. Aren’t we getting fed up of all these qualms and worries?


Aris Moreno is the owner of, a blog that aims to inspire and motivate people to be positive and happy. Life was not easy for him in the past and he went through different problems, but because of a positive disposition, he was able to rise up and overcome his trials. These experiences became his guide and inspiration to write meaningful articles in his blog. For him, being able to give direction and encouragement to others is what gives him genuine joy and happiness. It’s also his way of giving glory back to God for all the blessings that he continues to receive.

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