Distrusting to Trusting - Is it possible to shift?

Feb 12, 2011

Distrusting to Trusting - Is it possible to shift?

How many times have you trusted in another only to have that trust broken? You depended on someone else to follow through and they didn't? You become disappointed or had expectations that were not met? It is always possible when trusting someone (even yourself) that the trust will be violated. However, without trust you cannot be supported in the endeavors that you are embarking on. Whether they are career, relationships, or spiritual endeavors, without support your dreams will be unable to manifest into full bloom. You have to be able to trust.

There are multiple layers within trust / distrust that must be looked at in order to eliminate or transform the obstacle. The two major belief patterns here are expectations and fear of failure. It seems that fear permeates every aspect of life even when we don't recognize it as fear. Expectations are just as difficult. When you have expectations of self and others, you are really setting yourself up for the fear of failure to manifest. You expect certain reactions and when they don't happen the brain automatically assumes failure.

Releasing expectations will allow for dreams to be created in your reality along with a trusting and loving support system around you. Begin by practicing the acceptance of others - even with every limitation that they may have. As you accept others for who and what they are exactly without attempting to change them, then you can accept their limitations and release the expectation.

An expectation with self is the most difficult of all to release. When we fail to meet our own expectations the thought of even being able to trust self comes into the perception process. The key is to trust in the universal source of life. The Divine Source of life. As you shift the trust from people to the Divine Source; it is like a heavy burden is lifted from you. It is the expectation that needs to be released in order to have the deep trust return.

For a moment, think of expectation. The others involved many times do not even know the expectation that you are holding them to. When this happens, they are sure to fail to meet the expectation and thus begin the cycle of distrust. If we release all expectation and trust a Divine Source the perceptions caused by expectations no longer exist.

Transforming the distrust into trust is simple when the only expectation is held within the Divine Source and not within self or others. It is that perception of being let down that which limits our ability to trust. Practice each time an expectation of another pops into your mind releasing it to the Universe. Release it through affirmations or through writing it on paper and burning it - the method is not as important as the act. Trust your inner fire to lead the way to your desired reality.


Contributed by Dr. Carla Goddard

Dr. Carla Goddard (Sacred Soul Shaman) draws upon the energetic flow of life to share with people how to heal their own souls, how to find the flow of energy in their own life, and how to have profound shifts in awareness. She ignites the Sacred Fire within to nourish the Soul through the Eternal flames of Love. For more information visit her on Facebook at SacredSoulShaman or by visiting her blog at www.shamanmedicinewoman.net.

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