Freeing Yourself from the Clutch of Guilt

Feb 15, 2011

Freeing Yourself from the Clutch of Guilt

It is impossible to follow a code of ethics when you have no idea how to have a healthy connection with others. The results of not having healthy relationships are guilt and shame over the consequences of your own actions or non action as the case may be. Almost worse than the harm that may have been cause to those around us with actions, a person further harms themselves with heavy handed embarrassment, guilt and shame. Attitude changes are required to happen before any actions to rid yourself of all this guilt. Everyone deserves to live guilt and shame free. There is a way out from it. The first step is taking responsibility for those things that you have done to create the guilt and shame in the first place. To take responsibility means that you have discovered what your own set of ethics are.

This is a huge step in being able to release yourself from the clutches of the guilt. The process of taking responsibility can be empowering. Once you have taken personal responsibility of your own actions, you can begin once more to show care and concern. First to yourself and then to others by having the readiness to take a change in your actions. During this process you will begin to see a change or shift in your perceptions.

When you begin to take responsibility rather than simply dwelling in the shame, the ghosts of your past will start to disappear. As these ghosts disappear yourself worth will increase. You deserve to live guilt free. It is self destructive to continue to punish yourself by holding onto the guilt of the past. To continue the action required to achieve this new way of living requires some courage and determination. It is not enough to take personal responsibility within yourself; you must take it one step further.

This means going to those about you that are in direct relation to where the guilt source is. This is a difficult task. However, this is paramount to realize the full gift of living completely guilt free in your life. When living in this state of mind of constant guilt and shame, the life is chaotic catching everyone around in a vortex of craziness. Stepping outside the vortex and simply stating your part (your responsibility) can stop the vortex not only for you, but for the others in your life. The choke hold of guilt will loosen with each step you take in making amends for your actions. Facing the reality of your actions breaks the cycle of guilt. Guilt is a powerful and destructive force that persists and grows left unchecked.

To deal with such a powerful force, you absolutely need a powerful and drastic action. That powerful action comes from your willingness to take deliberate actions in your life today to free it from any guilt or shame you have held onto. Life will take on a new meaning and new experience. Going to the people whom you hurt by your actions and taking responsibility does so much more than making peace with them. It frees you in a way that you cannot even fathom until you experience it.

When you are able to take such responsibility for your own actions, you will begin to truly connect with yourself and others in a healthy way. The reconnection will tap into an inner resource within you that you never knew was there. This inner resource allows you to find and maintain a sense of wholeness. A wholeness that is secure. You will have blessings come to you in the most unlikely circumstances when you are able to release yourself from the clutches of guilt and be truly free.


Contributed by Dr. Carla Goddard

Dr. Carla Goddard (Sacred Soul Shaman) draws upon the energetic flow of life to share with people how to heal their own souls, how to find the flow of energy in their own life, and how to have profound shifts in awareness. She ignites the Sacred Fire within to nourish the Soul through the Eternal flames of Love. For more information visit her on Facebook at SacredSoulShaman or by visiting her blog at

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  1. That was an excellent article. Thanks. I think most people carry an awful lot of guilt around with them. It can damage our health and well-being. In my opinion, dealing with guilt is a vital first step on the path of personal growth. Thanks again for a great article.




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