The Meaning of Life is Living It

Feb 20, 2011

Change Ahead

Almost ten years ago, on one April’s sunny morning, feeling as deep down as I had ever been in my life and driving to work on a high way, I had a car crash.

My car flew making several circles, bumped into another one, to just stop on the curb of the road, all smashed. Luckily I was alone.

Meanwhile I lost my senses, but before that I saw the movie of my whole life.

I was a month at the ICU, I had several bones broken, internal bleedings, and when I went home, directly to bed, I couldn't walk, somebody had to feed me, to shower me, I was depending on others.
It was definitely a turning point in my life!

The turning point is the moment when there is a definite change in direction and one becomes aware that it is now about to move toward the end.

Life is full of key dates and turning points - the birth of a child, the death of a parent, the date you get hired at your dream job, the day you graduated, the day you get married, the day you get divorced, etc..

There have been all kinds of turning points in my life. But I think this was one of the most important, because had a great impact in my life after that day.

During those 6 months I’ve been fighting for my life, I had plenty of time to think.

Through a journey of searching, I fumbled, tasted, sobbed, but something there in my soul could not let me give up. Through the searching, I found back my gratitude to what I have; I found my passion and desire. I have learned how to be truthful to myself. I had to change my life by changing the way I thought about the world.

No matter what challenges come your way, with the Universe on your side you have no choice but to make it through.

I turned out to be more interest about things related to spirituality. I became vegetarian and Reiki’s practitioner.

Spirituality is being concerned with things of the spirit—the big questions of meaning, metaphysics, existence. Being spiritual is thinking about, wondering about, and exploring the deepest aspects of reality, values, morals, and meanings.

Spirituality can be all those things, and it is to some people, but not exclusively so.

Spirit is about being filled with life. It's about all the ways that we try to make sense of our living, and our attempts to make good from our lives.

There are other ways to encourage and be a light in the world and that is just living life to the fullest and the motivation to share that.

And it’s here that I anchor my passion for fashion and my blog “Searching the Inner Me…” with my motto “All self-knowledge is like a path you have to walk on to learn through either spirituality or even fashion”.

Spirituality is the process of feeling good, and of realizing the divine potential of who you are and what you want to be. Spirituality should make you feel good. Fashion is more than just clothes, and can have the same role. Seeking a signature style means to know yourself and then getting dressed. Reflecting the inner you in your clothing choices, be who you are and let your clothes reflect that.

The body is our first home and it's ok if we want to adorn it. No need to feel guilty about it. There is no rule which says that one can't be fashionable and spiritual at the same time.

Fashion can, and is, shallow for a lot of people. But in its purest form, I’ve found that fashion can also be inspirational. True fashion is simply an expression of identity.

Creative expression is even fashion can be a way to know your divinity.

And that can definitely bring you a little closer to the Universe.

So, do not cross your arms facing a difficulty because the greatest man in the world died with open arms.



Contributed by Fernanda a.k.a. The Seeker

Fernanda (The Seeker ) is a Capricornian “girl”, who’s still trying to find her way around. With a social sciences major degree, she has interests of all kinds. In spite of been rational and logical also has an interest in the esotericism. Vegetarian, Reiki practitioner, also likes shopping, fashion and style. She really likes the idea of mixing and matching textures and looks, clashing colours. That's what she tries to do with her outfits, always trying to achieve elegance. "Elegance is refusal. Refusal to follow others. Aptitude to be yourself" the legend tells Coco Chanel once stated. So, she believes that if we all can learn to know ourselves, we all can be elegant.

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  1. Thank you so much, Aris for the opportunity to post here on your site!!!
    It was a pleasure for me and I hope your readers will find my article inspirational.
    Take care, be safe and keep in touch.

  2. Fabulous article!! I can so relate to your statement "Seeking a signature style means to know yourself and then getting dressed." as this is what I am still missing .. and thus getting dressed day to day can be most frustrating (I long for the days when I could just reach into the closet pull something out and know just how to wear it.. and slip on a pair of heels)But , through wonderful friends both in person and across the miles (like yourself) I'm finding the inspiration to keep searching and discovering who I am now.

    I don't think anyone can fully understand what it is like to "loose" one's self .. unless they have traveled a journey such as ours... Blessing my sweet friend... You make a difference to me!!! xo HHL

  3. Thanks for sharing your story through this post. I agree with your Heading. I always say that the meaning of Life is the meaning that you give it i.e you have to Live Life to your fullest potential. It's amazing that certain events in our life have us searching need to know yourself before you can truly know others.
    Be good to yourself
    David........also @

  4. Hi there,

    I know a true and beautiful freind in these lines of splendid wisdom. The Seeker is a beloved friend of mine. Her take on the concepts, but more importantly the actions that one takes are the root of self, hence spirituality.

    Thank you for letting her express her wisdom with us all...

    come and become my friend at my art blog.


  5. What a beautiful and inspirational guest post. I enjoyed reading every word. :)



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