Why I Don't Celebrate Valentine's Day

Feb 13, 2011

Why I Don't Celebrate Valentine's Day

Today is a day when those in "love" celebrate the one's they love. They purchase chocolate, diamonds, or flowers. They dedicate songs and write poetry on a card. For one day they elevate the one they love to a pedestal and celebrate them. Children share tiny Valentine’s Day cards with their class mates. For one day, people set aside differences and share a piece of candy with some saying of sweetness upon it. Valentine's Day is a day of love.

Imagine this. Imagine that every Monday of the week we set aside our differences and celebrate the love in our lives? What would happen? Imagine if we did it seven days a week, 52 weeks a year? What would happen?

Each moment on each of those days would become filled with the loving energy that ripples outward endlessly.

Before you wonder, yes I am married. I have been with my husband for a little over 21 years. We do not celebrate Valentine's Day as such nor do we celebrate our wedding anniversary or the first date anniversary either. Every morning when we awake we say I love you. Every day we share something we are grateful for that the two of us share. Every day we call one another just to say Hey I miss you. Every night before we go to sleep we say I love and thank you for being a part of my life. Amazing concept.

Every chance I have I tell my children I love you. When I speak with my mom, whether on the phone or in person, I say I love you. Is it so hard to imagine celebrating a day of love every day? Is it so hard to imagine really?


Contributed by Dr. Carla Goddard

Dr. Carla Goddard (Sacred Soul Shaman) draws upon the energetic flow of life to share with people how to heal their own souls, how to find the flow of energy in their own life, and how to have profound shifts in awareness. She ignites the Sacred Fire within to nourish the Soul through the Eternal flames of Love. For more information visit her on Facebook at SacredSoulShaman or by visiting her blog at www.shamanmedicinewoman.net.

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