You are What You Think

Feb 18, 2011

We have all heard “you are what you eat”. The same precept holds true for your thoughts. Every thought a person has will become a pattern of thought. Every pattern of thought eventually becomes our actions. Any action repeated over time becomes a habit. If life about is full of negative habits and negative thoughts; in order change you MUST start with changing your thoughts.

Although changing your thoughts sounds like a simple idea, it is not as simple as it sounds. Most people are doers. Most people just do things without planning and thinking a problem through. We are not aware of the habitual pattern of our thinking and what motivates us. Most of these habitual thoughts make up the character of who we are.

Before any person can change any habit and be successful at it long term, they must change their attitude and thinking to incorporate a new habit pattern.

Simply changing the way you mentally perceive something can change the way you emotionally feel about it. A prime example is a person trying to lose weight. If they want to lose weight to attract that new guy that moved in three doors down, if the guy shows up one day with another woman the motivation will be gone and so will the new habit of trying to eat better and exercise. If however, the motivation is that the person wants lose weight to create a healthier lifestyle, the motivation will be for a long term success plan.

Even with this simple example, the idea of losing weight is only a symptom of your habitual thoughts. You must change the way you think about your body as a whole, not just the number on the scale. The principle of habitual thought applies to negativity as well. In order to relieve the negative actions or behavior, you have to be willing and open minded to change your mind and commit to it.

This is not as simple as standing in front of a mirror for 5 minutes a day repeating positive affirmations to you. That does not work. You need to first admit to yourself that you have a negative thought habit. In admitting to yourself that you have a problem of constantly thinking of the negative aspects of life, you begin the ability to truly change your thought process to a positive one. If you don't admit there is a problem, you will not commit to working on it let alone changing it. Most of us will easily admit that we are not perfect; however, few people are truly willing to admit their character flaws. Understanding that the negative thought behavior is pulling negative energy into you and affecting emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually the amazing person you are truly can make a difference in your life.

There are many ways to work on negative thinking habits, but the simplest one to begin with is a gratitude list. Many of us take for granted all the wonderful things in our lives. Each night before you go to bed, try and write down as many things that you are grateful for over the course of that day. At first, it may be difficult to find things to be grateful for, but with practice you will find that without even consciously thinking about it you will list of pages of things during the course of the day to be grateful for.

Each day that you practice the art of writing a gratitude list you will find that the positive energy around will grow. A grateful heart is a positive heart. This one simple suggestion done daily will have a profound effect on your health, on your attitude, on your emotional well being, and on your spiritual healing.


Contributed by Dr. Carla Goddard

Dr. Carla Goddard (Sacred Soul Shaman) draws upon the energetic flow of life to share with people how to heal their own souls, how to find the flow of energy in their own life, and how to have profound shifts in awareness. She ignites the Sacred Fire within to nourish the Soul through the Eternal flames of Love. For more information visit her on Facebook at SacredSoulShaman or by visiting her blog at

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