Creating Your Desired Reality

Apr 30, 2011

Creating Your Desired Reality

I was asked the question, I am "trying to do the Secret and manifest – any pointers?"

Trying is your first problem. Stop trying and start doing. Just one of the problems I see consistently when I work with clients on manifestation. They are pure in their intentions but many times they do not give credence to the simple things such as the power of words.

Briefly what I see as the major obstacle in manifesting with my own clients does not truly know what it is they wish to manifest. So let’s start there.

Do you know what your vision is? Most people will say something very ambiguous such as to be prosperous and happy. What does that mean? Can you actually define what prosperous means to you? It means different things to different people. What is happy? Laughing all the time or is it something more spiritual than that. If you are not in complete alignment with what the words are, you will not have the power necessary to quickly manifest your vision.

So the first and most vital step is to define your vision. Ask yourself what is the most important experience you wish to have in your life. If you cannot define what the highest priority in your life is truly, it will be near impossible to align yourself with any type of vision.

Ask yourself questions like:

What is your favorite activity? What is one word that you would use to define your life (or the one you are trying to create)? If you could truly do anything you desired, what would it be?

Now look at this vision of yours, does it align with your answers above? You see the answers clue you in on what your true joy in life is. When you are creating a new reality, in order for your inner self to really buy into it, it has to be what you are passionate about. If your vision, your new reality, does not ignite your passion within it will not generate enough energy to manifest itself. You have to be on fire. Your core soul needs to be not only inspired but incited.

Now ask yourself, is this your vision or is it really someone else’s? This is crucial. So many times we try to create a reality that would make society happy or our spouse/family happy. You have a Divine right to create a reality that makes YOU happy. When YOU are happy, it will make those around you happy.

The second part of manifesting that I see as an obstacle with my clients is the actual visioning part. Many times they will focus on the how it will happen rather than the experience of it happening. What I mean is if you want a new car for example. Rather than focusing on how it will happen, where the money will come from, and the process of obtaining it – focus on the experience of driving it. What does it smell like? How does it feel to sit in the driver’s seat? What does the acceleration to 65 feel like? When envisioning, it is vital to focus on the experience rather than the process.

What happens when you shift to the experience is that your personal passion, your fire is the fuel for the energy. This authentic power is what will move the energetic flow towards your vision. Car may have been a poor example, but you get the idea. As you are feeling the experience of your new reality, what benefits are you getting? Get in there are really experience them. Is it just a vehicle or is there some deeper benefit?

The last piece will share is the dream of this new reality itself. Many times the dream is the problem – we tend to dream to small. What I mean is we tend to think in small increments; if you want a new reality – make it bold, make it big even outrageous. It is when we dream big with a bold vision that we really feel the energy of the dream. Don’t fall into the trap of fearing the boldness.

Shamanic energy flow is simply to set a clear intention and then turn that intention to the Universe to manifest.

Hope this gives you some insight.


Contributed by Dr. Carla Goddard

Dr. Carla Goddard (Sacred Soul Shaman) draws upon the energetic flow of life to share with people how to heal their own souls, how to find the flow of energy in their own life, and how to have profound shifts in awareness. She ignites the Sacred Fire within to nourish the Soul through the Eternal flames of Love. For more information visit her on Facebook at SacredSoulShaman or by visiting her blog at

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