How to Be Happy Everyday: 10 Ways to Increase Your Ability to Be Happy

Sep 20, 2015

How to Be Happy Everyday

How does a person become genuinely happy? Actually, only you can answer that because each of us has our own unique perceptions and ways to become happy. But regardless of who you are, here are ten universal and foolproof steps on how to be happy everyday.

  1. Take care of your health. Most of us tend to neglect our health due to the demands of our jobs and day-to-day life. How can you be truly happy if you get sick because you skip meals, don’t rest enough, or forget to exercise?

    Sleep for 6-8 hours a day, eat nutritious food, and make it a point to squeeze time for working out in your schedule.

    If you’re too busy or preoccupied to the point that you overlook your diet, you can always take vitamins and supplements to ensure that you get the nutrition you need. However, keep in mind that they are not intended to be substitutes for actual food.

    Meanwhile, it’s essential that you get enough shut-eye each day. To ensure good quality of sleep, avoid doing extra-curricular activities and drinking caffeinated drinks before bedtime.

    As for maintaining your physical fitness, you don’t need to go to the gym each day just to do that. There are different types of workout that are not too strenuous and don’t demand too much time and extensive equipment such as walking, which you can actually do everyday.

  2. Learn how to manage your time properly. If you know how to take control over your hours, you can focus on your priorities while enjoying life with your family and friends. Write or list down your activities each day. You can do this through a notebook, a whiteboard, or even mobile devices. Having a to-do list doesn’t just keep you organized, but also provides a direction as to how you will go about your day and life.

  3. Make it a habit to be grateful and avoid complaining. There’s nothing wrong about complaining, because it is part of human nature. However, it becomes bad when it becomes excessive to the point that it affects our health and relationships with other people. There’s a lot to be thankful for if you look deeper and see how blessed you are. If you’re in a difficult situation, strive to look at the positive side of things instead of complaining and sulking about how miserable you think you are. When you make it a point to always have a positive outlook at all times, you will gradually see the beautiful things that you haven’t noticed before.

  4. Act on your dreams and work hard. If you’re frustrated, sad, or losing hope because you can’t seem to get what you want, act on it and don’t stop until you reach your goal. There’s nothing impossible for a person who works hard and strives for his or her dreams.

  5. Send positive energy to others even to those you dislike. It’s always a huge challenge for us to always be kind, especially to those people who are not so pleasant towards us. Most of the time, people will just advise you to ignore them. But I suggest that you send positive energy to them. How? Think about something good for them instead of wishing harm to come their way. Through this, you will nourish your good side more. Remember that it always feels good to be good.

  6. Teach yourself to disengage from things that are not necessary. The moment you step out of the workplace, avoid thinking about matters related to your job. Likewise, don’t let your personal issues get in the way during work hours. If you’re about to sleep, don’t think about anything else. Just allow your body to rest and resolve to face your worries the following day. Learn how to partition the different areas of your life so that they don’t overlap and take a huge toll on you.

  7. Find a hobby that you enjoy and can do often. Gardening, cooking, reading books, writing a blog, sports, playing games on mobile devices or on your computer… it’s all up to you. What’s important is you find an activity that you enjoy. Just make sure that it will not compromise your daily priorities.

  8. Don’t focus too much on your “wants”. I want this, I want that. It’s within our human nature to want so much in life, but as a result, it makes “living” too hard. If you think that your life is a struggle, reflect and see if you’re getting stressed because you want to acquire so many unnecessary things. If you want to learn how to be happy everyday, try to look at the bigger picture and prioritize your needs first and see how such mindset can make a huge difference.

  9. Don’t let other people’s problems pull you down. Instead, encourage them to get back up and fight. We will always have loved ones who often have a negative outlook in life and we can’t expect them to become all cheerful and positive in a snap. More so, we can’t just cut them off from our lives. Instead of wallowing with them in their misery, why don’t we uplift their moods? Give them a warm hug and utter encouraging words to them instead of criticizing them.

  10. Don’t think that money is the be-all and end-all of happiness. Yes, we need money for basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothes. But that doesn’t mean that your life should revolve around it. Don’t let money dictate how your attitude will be towards others and life in general. Remember that there are things that money can’t buy and one of them is the love that you get from your family and friends. Besides, you can’t take those bills in your grave, so why stress so much about how much money you have?

You don’t need to fulfill all your dreams before you can truly be happy. Nothing is permanent in this life and everything can change in a snap. We don’t know for sure how long we will stay here on earth. All of us are bound to leave this place. That’s why we shouldn’t waste our time on nonsensical things. Life’s too short to be sad. That’s why don’t wait until you’re on your deathbed to realize that you have never been truly happy. Remember, happiness is a state of mind and you can have that regardless of what state of life you are in.

These are just some of the ways that helped me how to be happy everyday, I hope that you take time to share it to your loved ones as well. If you have other tips not mentioned in this post, just comment below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Aris! You're really good at this. :-)

  2. Great post as usual! I like what you said in number 6.



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