Are You Self-Destructive?

Nov 20, 2015

Are You Self-Destructive?

The first step to self-improvement is recognizing harmful behaviors. It could be your coping mechanisms to unlikely circumstances, a result of the way people treated you, or the effects of bad experiences you’ve had.

No matter how much it is ingrained on you, you will reach a point that you will get tired of being negative. More than weighing you down, negativity also affects your quality of life and that of your loved ones. This post will shed light on the destructive behaviors that you probably have and why you need to let them out of your system.

Excessive self-criticism

“I’m worthless. Others will always be better than me.” This line of thinking is just unacceptable. Don’t ever think that you’re not important, because you’re here on this world for a reason. But before others recognize your worth, it should first begin with you. You need to appreciate yourself first before the people around you can do so.

If you think that the people around you are treating you like a doormat, it’s probably a mere result of your wrong perception.

It’s okay to examine yourself once in a while, find your faults, and decide on improving these areas of your life. But if self-criticism becomes a habit, that’s when it becomes a problem. If you’re being too critical of yourself, it’s best to let go of that thinking starting today and start appreciating the good qualities you have.

Worrying too much about what others think

There are times when being aware of what others think is beneficial. However, it becomes destructive if you focus too much on other’s perception of you to the point that it becomes the basis of your self-worth. Remember, your value as a person will never be measured by other people’s expectations of you.

Assuming you know everything

No one knows everything. Just because you’re a degree-holder or an expert on a particular field doesn’t make you a genius of some sort. Learning doesn’t stop and every day is a chance to gain new knowledge.

Taking your health for granted

Not eating right due to fear of getting fat. Excessive eating due to stress. Neglecting sleep because of too much work or extra curricular activities. Not getting out of bed because of laziness. Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and other unhealthy habits that slowly kill you.

Don’t wait until a severe illness hits you before you take care of your health. Don’t let it become your life’s greatest regret. If you want to prolong life and enjoy it to the fullest, start living a healthy lifestyle today.

Being too optimistic

Having a positive outlook in life is not bad, but it becomes destructive when it blurs your vision of the truth and prevents you from facing your problems and trials.

Focusing too much on the negative

When you pay too much attention on your problems, you lose sight of what’s important in life and you forget that trials are necessary for your growth. Instead of dwelling on your suffering, why not change your perception? Treat your problems as challenges that will strengthen and prepare you for what’s ahead.

Spending too much

Are you always short on budget? Try to examine your lifestyle and see if you’re spending too much on unnecessary things that give instant gratification and short-term value. Learn how to budget and save, so that you’ll have a financial buffer in case you face an emergency or unexpected expenses in the future.

Meddling too much with other people’s problems

You will never be the solution to the problems of the people around you. Yes, you can give advice and encouraging words, but you can never carry the burden for them. If you do, you’ll end up neglecting your own needs or worse, resenting the people you’re trying to help in the first place.

Refusing to understand your true feelings

You’re human. You have every right to feel tired, sad, angry, and simply feel whatever emotions you have. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will let these feelings take over, it’s about accepting and understanding why you feel that way. It’s a way to cope and provide comfort to yourself. If you refuse to recognize your emotions, you will explode at some point and it can have a negative impact to you and the people around you.

Change doesn’t have to start from the people around you or your circumstances. It needs to begin within you. It’s never too early or too late to start improving your life. Now is the perfect time to step up and do it. If you start changing now, you will eventually experience peace of mind and happiness—things that you have been holding back from yourself for too long. I know that change is not an overnight thing. It takes time, but what matters is you take the step to a better you today.

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