How to Earn Respect from Others

Mar 1, 2016

How to Earn Respect from Others

I used to think that I will only gain respect from others if I will do well in life. But despite of my hard work and what I did for other people, I still didn’t earn the respect that I wanted. Some of the people I considered friends just made fun of me, while others treated me like a doormat. It got so bad that I reached a point when I even lost respect for myself.

As time passed, I learned a lot about respect through the different challenges I faced. Looking back, I feel fortunate that I experienced those trials for they changed my perspective on what really matters in life. Today, I will share those lessons with you.

  1. Don’t let your emotion take over you. Keep yourself calm at all times, even during situations when others are being emotional. This way, you can avoid doing things that can cause others to lose their respect for you.

  2. Keep your word. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep. If you can’t be trusted with what you say or what you claim you can do, don’t expect others to respect you.

  3. Avoid gossiping. If a person can gossip about someone with you, chances are he or she will talk about you with others behind your back. People who are known to gossip are less likely to be respected.

  4. It’s okay to be kind. Just don’t compromise yourself and your values in the process. How can others respect you if you let your kindness be abused? If somebody asks a favor from you and you can’t give what they’re requesting for, don’t be afraid to say no. It doesn’t matter what they will think as long as you’re being reasonable.

  5. Stay humble at all times. You’re not above anybody, and that’s the truth you should always keep in mind. Don’t think that the world revolves around you, because in reality, it doesn’t.

  6. Treat yourself right. Don’t do anything that violates your mind and body whether you’re alone or in the company of others.

  7. Learn how to listen in order to understand, and not just to know what you will say in response. Most people have issues with respecting a person who only opens his or her mouth just for the sake of blurting something out.

  8. Show respect to everyone. Whether young or old, show respect to every person you come across with. It’s never an excuse to disrespect others just because they didn’t treat you well. It’s not your problem that they acted that way. What you should focus on is your attitude towards others.

  9. Don’t claim that you know something when you don’t. It’s better to say the truth than to pretend that you know something today then be caught up with the lie tomorrow.

  10. Be understanding. All of us have imperfections. We have different beliefs and perceptions about life. What you see as true may not be the same for others. Keep your mind open, so that you can avoid conflicts with others and disrespecting them. Respect begets respect. How can you expect others to respect you when you’re not giving it to them in the first place?

These are some of the lessons I learned about respect and how to earn it. How about you? Can you add more to this list? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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