How to Stop Depression?

Jul 27, 2017


Depression is common and unavoidable. Often when people are in this situation, they are not themselves and could not think right. They lose their appetite for life, their “joie de vivre”. With depression it seems that everything has no meaning.

For someone who is depressed, the words “you can do it”, “that too shall pass”, or “there are others who have greater problems than you” are not acceptable. This is because they have nothing on their minds than the tremendous emotions they are experiencing.

If you are experiencing severe depression today, or are often experiencing it, here are several simple and practical ways to help you snap out of it.

  1. Accept your true feelings.

    When you are undergoing depression, it is common to feel alienated or become apathetic. This could be a form of defense mechanism, or perhaps it’s a way our body adapts to the situation.

    If you are experiencing this, it's time to remind yourself to reconnect to your emotions. Cry you if you feel like crying. Allow yourself to embrace your emotions, but make sure you do this in a way that you don’t hurt anyone, or yourself. In this way you relieve the heavy burden that weighs you down.

  2. Find someone ready to listen to you.

    Wanting to be left alone is a normal reaction by people who suffer from depression. There are many reasons why people retreat into their shells and avoid human interaction when they are depressed. Perhaps she does not want to be a burden to others, or that he is ashamed to show his true feelings, or that she is afraid of being judged.

    Actually, there is always someone in your life who is ready to listen to you, someone who will not judge you. He or she may be a family member or a friend. Don’t feel obliged to take their advice, if they have any. Believe me, I know how hard it really is when you're depressed. The important thing is for you to lessen your sense of anxiety, and talking to someone you trust does that.

    Knowing that you are not alone, and that someone cares are powerful enough to lift you out of depression

  3. Listen to music that nurtures you.

    It is common knowledge that music has an effect on our emotions. It can ease our sense of dread, or it can cause us to be sad. It is therefore doubly important that you choose the type of music you will listen to when you are depressed. Listen only to music that can remind you of wonderful events in your life, listen only to music that can help strengthen your feelings or make you feel stable.

  4. Try laughing.

    When you are depressed, you feel lethargic, that at times it's just so hard to find reasons to smile. But you need to will yourself to smile or laugh, so you will end up feeling better. The act of laughing or smiling sends signals to our brain that makes us feel happy. That is why you need to trigger this and find things that make you laugh. Watch a funny TV show, or read a humorous book, or you can also hang out with a funny friend who makes you laugh.

  5. Exercise.

    Simply taking a short walk, or doing your household chores is a kind of exercise. Instead of sulking around, why not you spend your time on activities that are good for your body? We know that exercising can make you feel good and brings back a lot of sense of vigor.

  6. Eat healthy foods.

    Some people lose their appetite when they are dealing with depression. And there are others who are more attracted to eat more, because it temporarily uplifts their mood. And this is probably one of the causes that worsens their condition.

    If you really want to get out of depression, one way is to eat well. It is important to fill your body with nutritious foods. People who do so, have a better chance of winning this battle against depression. Consuming protein-rich foods, such as milk, peanuts and fish, is necessary as protein helps our bodies produce serotonin, a chemical in our brain that produces a sense of feeling good, of satisfaction and happiness. So it is really important to include these food in your diet so you can get your health back faster.

There may be one or more ways that is more effective for you, or more suitable for your situation. These are my suggestions, but always ask for professional help.

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