Picture Quotes for You

Picture Quotes for You
I made Picture Quotes for You as a way to share my favorite quotes – motivating words from people I admire who have helped shape me into being kinder, stronger and hopefully wiser.

I feel that while words and images alone can be great at sending a message through, combining them can be more powerful. Finding the right image to accompany meaningful words let me express how these quotes make me feel, and how they continue to inspire me to live well.

I hope that through these picture quotes, you too can be encouraged to do the right thing in whatever situation you find yourself in.

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Aris Moreno is the owner of www.theoptimistblog.com, a blog that aims to inspire and motivate people to be positive and happy. Life was not easy for him in the past and he went through different problems, but because of a positive disposition, he was able to rise up and overcome his trials. These experiences became his guide and inspiration to write meaningful articles in his blog. For him, being able to give direction and encouragement to others is what gives him genuine joy and happiness. It’s also his way of giving glory back to God for all the blessings that he continues to receive.

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